LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Obie

Room at the table? You should definitely invite Obie for Thanksgiving.

We’ve got the cutest little turkey you could ever hope to meet for our Thanksgiving Pet Connection.

Obie, a pit bull-type cross with cuddles to spare, was surrendered by his owner when that person couldn’t care for him following Obie’s seizure diagnosis.

But he hasn’t let his heartbreak stand in the way of his ability to give affection to folks.

In Obie’s case, his seizures turned out to be easily manageable with the right kind of medication, which is reasonably priced through your local vet.

While seizures can look scary, many dogs can develop seizures and they will turn to a loving owner for help comforting them and becoming re-oriented once they pass.

Obie shares a calm, loving disposition with other members of his breed. He gets along well with all people, dogs and cats. He even displays cat-like behavior, having claimed an end table in his foster family’s home to stretch out on and relax.

If you’re looking for someone to cuddle up with on the couch after that Thanksgiving turkey, check out Obie’s profile, here.

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