LIVE: Flu Season Hits Blood Donation Numbers

The latest on our KVRR Holiday Blood Drive in partnership with Vitalant.

Winter is always a tough time to keep the supply of donated blood flowing in the Red River Valley – but this year might be tougher than most.

That’s why we’re making a last-minute push for your donations for the KVRR Holiday Blood Drive in partnership with Vitalant.

That is – if you’re healthy.

Flu season 2018 just kicked off a few days ago, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention officials.

After initially reporting it was looking like flu numbers were down for the year, the CDC now says enough cases have been confirmed nationwide so that we are officially in flu season — just in time for the the holidays.

And if you’re showing signs of flu or cold, you’re asked not to donate.

Vitalant’s Katie Bartelson sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker and explained why in spite of the need for donations, they still want you to wait until your symptoms have passed until you come in to give blood.

Blood donations also slow down during the holidays here because┬áregular donors are often out of town. They are frequently the senior citizen “snowbird” population who leaves town for warmer climes in winter, or college kids who leave the metro for home on winter break.

Our final push is coming up soon, though, so if you can donate – don’t delay.

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