Pet Connection: Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

Shelter Hosts Events To Meets Dogs Every Month In Fargo, Grand Forks


A shelter is taking animals from rural North Dakota and finds homes for them mostly in the Fargo and Grand Forks areas.

We went Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue’s “Meet the Pups” event at Natural Pet Center in Fargo to learn about some of the adorable dogs they have for adoption.

Author and shelter volunteer C.J. English introduces us to Phoebe and Ursula. Along with Janis, they are the last of a litter of 16 puppies the shelter has who are now ready for a good home.

They are about seven weeks old, and cute as can be.

T.M.A.R. Adoption Coordinator Andrea Ley Coombs introduces their mother, Judy, who is also ready for adoption. They think she is about two years old.

Watch the video above to see some adorable puppy action, and find out the difference between bringing a puppy or an older dog home.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue is a 100% foster-based shelter located in Rolla.

Most of their foster homes are in the Fargo and Grand Forks areas, and that’s where they try to find home for the pups.

They host “Meet the Pups” events at Natural Food Center about twice a month, along with events at PetSmart in Grand Forks.

You can check out puppies ready for adoption and see when you can meet the puppies in person at adoption events online at


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