LIVE: 1st Annual Hotdish Festival

The culinary masterpiece of the Midwest is celebrated this weekend.

As Drekker Brewing Company’s Ashley Rieck puts it, what do you do in February in Fargo? You stay inside and eat, of course.

She’s got a point. After all, it’s just not a February in the Upper Midwest without the piping-hot, cream-based casserole delicacy North Dakotans and Minnesotans grow up craving.

That’s where the idea for the First Annual Hotdish Festival at Drekker Brewing Company got started.

With cookbook author Molly Yeh pitching in to judge and offerings from local hot spots The Boiler Room, Bernbaum’s, Luna Kitchen, the Toasted Frog and more, Sunday’s inaugural celebration sold out before we could even get Rieck in for an interview.

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t score a ticket, because they’re already talking about a summertime hotdish event. Just sit back, watch the video, and make sure you follow the link for updated ticket info.

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