LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Waffles

A sweet treat for your Thursday Morning Pet Connection.

Waffles the English Pointer may be 77 in dog years, but he can still sweep a lady right off her feet.

Literally, in the case of the Morning Show’s Emily Welker.

Waffles came in to the studio with Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad to talk about adopting a senior dog and why in many ways it’s just as much fun and way less work than adopting a younger animal.

Waffles is 11, which is indeed a senior for the bigger breeds.

However, he’s still almost as spry and just as active as a younger dog, but with none of the behavioral problems puppies can struggle with.

He loves to play and gets along well with everyone, including other dogs and kids.

He prefers that they not jump directly on top of him, though, since he is an older guy, so it’s something to watch out for if you have rambunctious little kids.

He’s got a sweet and charming disposition, and even though he accidentally pulled Emily off balance while they were shooting his video, he snuggled right up to her afterward for some cuddle time.

He’s such a great guy, someone decided to fully sponsor his adoption fee.

So, for the lucky person who gets through the adoption application process successfully, Waffles will be totally free.

Check out his profile here, and don’t forget to drop by Labby’s in North Fargo for the Homeward Yappy Hour fundraiser Thursday night.

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