West Fargo Fire Dept. Receives 57 Jet-Style Helmets

The helmets are the first of their kind in the state

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Gate City Bank donates 57 state–of–the–art, jet–style helmets to the West Fargo Fire Department.

The helmets are the first of their kind to be used by firefighters in North Dakota. Each one costs about $230.

West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller says the helmets are not only lighter than their old ones but they will also provide more protection to firefighters.

He says that doesn’t mean their old “Ben Franklin” helmets will go to waste though.

“What we’re actually going to do with the other helmets is we’re going to look at other departments in our area that might not be able to afford brand new helmets for all their firefighters and then we’ll make sure that we’re able to get them those helmets at a reduced rate or just whoever needs a helmet can get one,” Fuller said.

Fuller says the old helmets have about a ten–year life span and have six years left on them.

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