LIVE: Coffee with the Camels

And the porcupines. And an eighty-pound tortoise. And a tiny, orphaned prairie dog named Loki.

Did you ever wish you could have breakfast with a buffalo?

How about coffee with a camel?

Take in a meal with a takin?

Starting soon, it could be a real possibility with a new program launching at the metro’s Red River Zoo.

And because she can’t resist either animals, or delicious breakfast treats, the Morning Show’s Emily Welker headed off to South Fargo to get face to face with some of the region’s fellow foodies in fur coats.

For a five dollar fee, you and your family can feed the zoo’s beautiful Bactrian camels in an up-close interaction with them and the experts who handle them daily.

You’ll learn about their lifestyles, their habits, their health needs and their roles in the wild as an integral part our environment.

Zoo executive director Sally Jacobson joined Emily and the camels on the show, along with Olivia and Daisy the porcupines, Fred the sulcata tortoise, and Loki, an abandoned baby prairie dog who’s being raised by hand by zoo staff.

The program doesn’t just give people a chance to appreciate the animals up close. It also gives the animals an opportunity for mentally stimulating environmental enrichment, Jacobson said.

And while the program is launching first with the camels, the zoo has plans to expand to other zoo species later on, Jacobson said.

You can learn more about the program and even buy tickets online. Here’s the link:

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