Bison Illustrated: Big New Beginnings

Big shoes to fill for both head coach and starting QB.

The news we’ve been waiting all these weeks for finally popped: the Bison have finally chosen their new starting quarterback to lead the team to their latest FCS title.

Trey Lance has been anointed the heir apparent to the likes of Easton Stick, Carson Wentz and Brock Jensen.

He beat out two other contenders, Zeb Noland and Noah Sanders, for the top spot in taking home the FCS title again this year.

And while things weren’t confirmed for Parket until this week, to Bison Illustrated’s Nolan Schmidt, it was a move he could see coming from a mile off.

Schmidt sat down live in studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the Lance, new head coach Matt Entz and how both new faces will affect the start of the season.



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