LIVE: Racing Against Suicide

What a West Fargo teenage race car driver is doing to stop suicide.

Alyssa White is only 16 years old, but she’s already been touched more than once by the shadow of suicide.

The West Fargo student lost a friend who was just 12 years old to suicide completion, the first of several of her peers she’s since lost.

Since then, White has started to speak openly about the challenges facing  young people in coming to terms with mental health, including her own struggles with depression.

That’s why, in her third year racing, she’s taking the lead in fighting for suicide awareness and prevention.

White’s car is emblazoned with a list of suicide victims, and with the phone number of the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

She’s got the hashtags #youmatter, #breakthesilence, and #nevergiveup.

She’s also displaying her stock car at this year’s Fargo Moorhead Out of the Darkness Community Walk  coming up September, and assembling a team to walk with her in the annual fundraiser to fight suicide.

White joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about racing, about how teens can cope with mental health problems, and about why speaking up is the most important first step on the road to mental wellness.


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