LIVE: Down Home Hoedown

Kick up your heels and raise some funds while you're at it.

Moving into a brand-new house is always something to celebrate.

Moving someone who’s been chronically homeless into a brand new house — and making sure they’ve got the resources they need to turn it into a home, right down to the bed, dishes and furnishings — is worth a pretty big party.

That’s what’s happening this weekend to one of the region’s niftiest new nonprofits, Down Home.

They’re holding their second annual Hoe Down this weekend to raise funds for and celebrate the accomplishments of the families in the region who suffered from homelessness before getting themselves into permanent housing.

Down Home’s volunteers make sure they’ve got the furnishings they need for the family’s new place, and then get it moved in and set up for a big reveal in under four hours.

After that, the family gets a specialist who will check back in with them through their new journey to make sure they have access to resources they need to make them thrive in their new lifestyle.

Down Home’s Jenessa Fillipi and Chris Welsand joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio to talk about the families who still need to get into Down Home’s homes and the work that’s left to be done in the community.

Fore more information, or to donate, or to volunteer:

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