LIVE: Staying Safe During Halloween Bar Crawls

Don't let booze turn you into a zombie.

The great thing about Halloween is that it’s a holiday for everyone, including adults.

The not-so-great thing? Too many adult beverages, bar crawls, busy downtown traffic, and flimsy costumes in rapidly worsening weather this time of year don’t mix well.

But police officers in Fargo are here to help.

Fargo police public information officer Jessica Schindeldecker joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to share some tips live in-studio about the best way to participate in one of the many Halloween bar crawls this month without getting yourself into a truly scary situation.

The scene in downtown is a lot less frightening than it has been in recent years, Schindeldeckersaid.

That’s in part due to a more complete and more visible police presence there.

It’s also due to increased training and cooperation from downtown bar servers, who are more vigilant now than they used to be to the dangers of overserving patrons.

Still, there’s no substitute for keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

Check out the video for tips on enjoying the night responsibly, including staying safe on foot in traffic, in an Uber or taxi, and more.


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