Halloween-Parental Advisory

Ghoul Morning: Rocky Horror Show At Concordia College

They're time-warping to a totally new decade -- 90s club kids, your moment is now.

MOORHEAD —  Fans of the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Show” are getting to “time warp” to a new decade in music, thanks to a new production of the stage show launching soon at Concordia College. The show is in rehearsals now and its run is set for early November at the Comstock Theatre in Moorhead. The show is the…

LIVE: So Bad It’s Good

This Ghoul Morning we're delving into the best of the worst horror movies at Horrorfest in Fargo.

FARGO — Being bad never felt so good as it will this Friday at the Fargo Theatre. That’s when Grindflicks Horrorfest takes over the town and fans of the worst of cinema and the best of times are taking over the screen. Billed as “a double feature of schlock and shock,” this year’s festival features bad-movie icon Greg Sestero, who’s…

Lilly Field: The Ghost of Otter Tail County

A real-life murder that haunts the lakes country of our region to this day.

It was 1887, and in Otter Tail County, a jury was about to make history. A handyman had committed a murder so atrocious that their only recourse, they decided, was to sentence him to death. It would be the first-ever hanging in Otter Tail County, and it would also be the ending to one of the saddest and most violent…

LIVE: Staying Safe During Halloween Bar Crawls

Don't let booze turn you into a zombie.

The great thing about Halloween is that it’s a holiday for everyone, including adults. The not-so-great thing? Too many adult beverages, bar crawls, busy downtown traffic, and flimsy costumes in rapidly worsening weather this time of year don’t mix well. But police officers in Fargo are here to help. Fargo police public information officer Jessica Schindeldecker joined the Morning Show’s…

Acres of Terror: Expert Advice on Creating Home Haunts

Go behind the scenes for the secrets of some of the region's most successful scarers.

Take a look at this picture. Creepily convincing, right? Can you believe under the layers of dirt, grime, gore, decay and rotting flesh is….a simple dollar store skeleton? (It’s dressed up with some simple ingredients you probably have on hand.) It’s true. And it’s just one of the many fascinating techniques behind the creation of one of the region’s longest-running…

Adults Only Halloween

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