Ghoul Morning: Rocky Horror Show At Concordia College

They're time-warping to a totally new decade -- 90s club kids, your moment is now.

MOORHEAD —  Fans of the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Show” are getting to “time warp” to a new decade in music, thanks to a new production of the stage show launching soon at Concordia College.

The show is in rehearsals now and its run is set for early November at the Comstock Theatre in Moorhead.

The show is the stage version made most familiar to audiences by its 1975 film starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and Barry Bostwick.

Curry’s iconic interpretation of the character “Dr. Frank N. Furter” left an indelible mark on viewers, as well as the show’s risque, camp material.

The show and its performances went on to inspire generations of fans of the late-night cult hit, both in movie theaters and on stage.

Because Curry’s interpretation is so famous, director Travis Greisler and “Frank N. Furter” Ben Salvador said, it was important to take this show in an entirely different, fresh direction.

Check out their live in-studio interview for this Ghoul Morning with Emily Welker, and see what happens when two of the cast try to teach Emily the Time Warp.

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