LIVE: Scary Creatures

Learn facts about these awful animals that take them from frightening to fun.

They’re some of Halloween’s most dreaded characters. Snakes, spiders, even menacing birds of prey that hover above our heads like a Hitchcockian nightmare come to life.

The Halloween holiday is full of them. But this year, the Red River Zoo wants you to get to know its scariest critters a little better, and make friends with the frightening.

Even zoo executive director Sally Jacobson admits she has a phobia about snakes. Her fear’s not unusual. In fact, it’s so common among people it’s got it’s own name, ophidophobia.

So she’d never held one – until now.

Check out her appearance live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker and zookeeper Sara Cushing, when we meet Jessie the Bull snake, Rosie the Rose-Toed Tarantula, along with very special guest, making her debut public appearance, Maya, the Harris Hawk.




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