Pet Connection: Meet the Monitors

These cute little babies are going to need a lot of extra room someday.

Ah, babies. What’s not to love? They’re tiny, they’re cuddly, and they look to you for all the affection, education and life lessons they need to grow up big and strong someday.

That’s true just as much for this pair of infant monitor lizards who are looking for their forever home.

This tiny pair came into Kritter Krazy exotic pet rescue in need of a lot of tender loving care, said pet rescuer Tasha Gorentz.

Not only do they have special environmental and dietary needs that are quite different from your average dog or cat rescue, Gorentz said, but they need a great deal of careful socialization and handling.

That’s because these little lizards are going to grow up to be quite large one day, Gorentz said.

Some of these types of monitor lizard can grow to be seven feet long, and both will be wielding a tail that packs a serious wallop from an annoyed monitor.

Therefore, it’s important to do your homework before you commit to bringing home a baby monitor to its forever home.

In the meantime, they’re both very sweet-natured, and have highly striking appearances, with one sporting a beautiful color pattern on its skin and the other a bright blue tongue.

If you think you have what it takes to give either of these little loves a loving forever home, check out Kritter Krazy’s Facebook page, here.

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