Fargo Fire Crews Knock Down Fire at Elim Care and Rehab Center

FARGO, N.D. – Fire crews are on scene at Elim Rehab and Care Center in South Fargo where a fire broke out Thursday afternoon.

The blaze started in the attic of the building.

Fargo Fire put the flames out. They enlisted the help of surrounding city fire departments as well as this was a large fire that spread rather quickly.

There are 115 people who were residents in the care center. All of those were evacuated immediately to the chapel nearby. Thankfully no one is hurt.

There was also a daycare inside the building and all of the children there were evacuated as well. They were sent to Eagles Elementary school which is located next to Elim.

“Crews, when they arrived, had heavy smoke, smoke in the building. The fire doors activated, the sprinkler system activated. We believe that was helpful in holding in in place to where it was at. Our crews operated, the fire did break to the roof,” Fargo Fire Department Chief Steve Dirksen said.

The fire department says the building is uninhabitable because there is significant damage so they are in the process of finding a place to relocate every resident.

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