LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Tilly

Or you could call her Chatty Catty.

She’s only been on this earth for ten weeks, but she’s already got a lot to say about the world.

Tilly was discovered by a family who took the orphan kitten in and realized they wouldn’t be able to care for her permanently, so surrendered her to Homeward Animal Shelter.

She’s not altered yet, but Homeward offers financial incentives if you adopt an animal and can show them proof you later took them in to the veterinarian to be spayed or neutered.

In the meantime, Tilly’s got a lot to talk about.

She meowed, climbed and purred pretty much constantly during her appearance on the Morning Show with Emily Welker and Homeward’s Heather Klefstad.

If you’re looking for a conversational and cuddle companion, check out Tilly’s profile, here.

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