Pet Connection: Meet Jeff

Jeff Is A Charming 2-Year-Old Tabby


I love animals with people names.

It’s not hard to become friends with Jeff.

The two-year-old tabby loves people, including kids. He loves other cats. He loves dogs. In fact, he broke into a home through a doggy door and quickly made friend with a local family.

The couldn’t keep him, but they surrendered him to Homeward Animal Shelter.

He would be a great addition to almost any home. He’s mild-mannered and well-behaved. Just make sure you have any doggy doors locked.

Jeff is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) positive, but that won’t affect his quality of life if you keep him as an indoor cat.

He doesn’t need any medicine for it. It just means he might take a while longer to get over a cold.

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