Shrek: The Musical

Moorhead's Horizon students bring the Broadway hit to life on the local stage.

They’re nowhere near as old as the movie is, but these middle-schoolers are more than ready to bring the first-Hollywood, now-Broadway hit to fairy tale life this week.

Horizon Middle School’s production of “Shrek The Musical” opens Thursday, February 27th, and they’re so ready to hit the stage, they stopped by our studios to give us a sneak peek on the Morning Show.

It’s based on the Dreamworks film that follows the adventures of a misunderstood, grumpy green ogre, his best friend, an extroverted Donkey, and a beautiful princess with a secret life that brings them all much closer together.

It’s one of the finest of fractured fairy tales, and it’s set to song in the stage show.

Watch as the students of Horizon bring “Shrek” to magical life, and share in a live in-studio interview with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker how they came to create their characters.

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