Petitioners: Gov. Burgum, Shut Down This State

The petition started Friday begs Burgum to join vast majority of sitting governors with a formal order.

An online petition asking North Dakota’s governor to issue a stay at home order for the state is up to more than 3,700 signatures and counting this morning.

The online petition featured on started circulating April 3rd.

The petition says it was started by a mother from North Dakota, Denise French.

It asks Governor Doug Burgum to issue a formal shelter in place order, saying the state is not complying with the recommendations of the National Institute of Health’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of President Donald Trump’s top advisors on the pandemic task force.

Burgum, a Republican, has previously said North Dakota is a large, low-population state, and that he won’t issue an order unless and until it makes sense to do so.

At last count, North Dakota is one of fewer than 10 states whose governor has failed to order all but essential workers to shelter in place until the pandemic subsides.

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