LIVE: Great Plains Food Bank

A double-pronged problem with keeping families fed in the coronavirus pandemic.

The Great Plains Food Bank is being hit with a double whammy this morning.

At a time when demand is up a lot for their food supplies, volunteers and donations are down.

The number of families seeking relief from hunger has gone up from needs brought on by the economic crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

Food bank officials estimate demand is up anywhere from 44% to 79% at their various locations.

Furthermore, businesses shuttered by the pandemic haven’t been able to make their usual donations, which means they’re not getting the donations they usually do.

That’s why the food bank needs your help.

The Great Plains Food Banks’ Jared Slinde joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live via Zoom to talk about the fresh demands each day brings, the need for protein for food bank families given the nationwide problems with supply after shutdowns in American meat plants, and what you can do to help even if you can’t send money on this Giving Tuesday.

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