LIVE: Get Your Garden On

Because right now our neighborhoods look more like they're growing blankets than food and flowers.

Gardens are big right now — or at least, a lot of people want them to be.

Unfortunately, if you just couldn’t wait and went ahead with planting out, you might have a yard right now that looks a little more like you’re growing blankets than tomatoes and petunias.

Our late-season frost struck hard at the hearts of seasoned gardeners through the region, leaving many of us to rush to cover our frost-tender annuals and perennials.

It’s also left a lot of novice gardeners wondering when the heck it’s time to get to work on the victory garden they’ve had in mind since the start of the pandemic.

But now, it looks like the weather may be taking a turn for the warmer, just in time for plant nurseries around the region to celebrate re-opening to the public for the first time since the coronavirus struck.

Fargo-based Baker Garden and Gift workers have been hard at work re-structuring their store along those guidelines, and making sure the plants you’re looking for are in place.

And if you don’t want to come in, they’ve also launched an extensive selection of their plants online for curbside pickup and delivery.

Baker’s Phaidra Yunker Zoomed in live to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about what’s safe to plant now, what the fun new offerings are for plants this year, and what it’ll take to get your hands on the good garden stuff.

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