First Responder’s Big Baby Shower

She's given so much to her community. Now they're giving right back to her.

Becoming a first-time parent is something that requires a fair amount of bravery.

Becoming a first-time parent in the middle of a global pandemic? That requires nerves of steel.

But for Taylor Scott, bravery comes as second nature.

The volunteer firefighter has been serving her community of Thompson, ND for some time now, up to and including working on her fire crew during these the final weeks of her first pregnancy.

She’s due in late July, and what with the closure of most nonessential businesses during the worst of the coronavirus outbreak this spring, there wasn’t much chance to get her family stocked up with all the supplies a new baby needs.

That’s where the people of Thompson came in.

Luring her to the city fire station with a special “photography” session set up, the community instead took the opportunity to throw the new mom-to-be a surprise, drive-by baby shower.

It’s a socially-distant act of love Scott says touched her to the heart.

She Zoomed in to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about the surprise shower, about getting ready to become a mother, and why she’s planning to keep serving her community as she embarks on what could be the greatest adventure of her — or anyone’s — life: being a parent.


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