LIVE: What You Need To Know Before the One Fargo Celebration

FARGO, ND – The One Fargo Celebration isn’t a protest, but a forum for open dialogue and understanding between a diverse community and it’s leaders.

Organizers want to be clear that this isn’t a protest, but a celebration.

It begins at 1:00 PM at Island Park.

Organizers want to make sure that everybody knows that no violence will be tolerated, and are encouraging people to leave signs and anything that you would of protested with at home.

Police will be present, but Chief Todd has said that is because they will be participating in the celebration, they too will be leaving their riot gear at home.

“I see it as a hope to move forward, to work together, and make it a community we can all feel comfortable and safe in,” said Mayor Mahoney, “We were very pleased with the progress we made over the last two days and we continue to make progress.”

The National Guard will remain on standby as the city believes that a threat from outside agitators looking to cause trouble exists. The national guard will be protecting city assets like City Hall.

The Fargo Police Department has also taken extra precautions and boarded up their windows to deter trouble makers.

Organizers ask if you plan on coming down to the celebration, leave your violence and protest equipment at home, and come with an open mind and ready to discuss change.

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