Non-profit CEO wants more black teachers in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Moorhead’s Human Rights Commission holds two meetings Wednesday to hear from the community on how to make the city a more inclusive place.

The panel and community members discussed the possibility of getting a community liaison officer. They would reach out to new Americans and hear issues they deal with and bring it to the city’s attention.

The CEO of a local non-profit that helps women rebuild their lives with support says another issue that needs to be addressed is diversity in Moorhead schools.

“We don’t have diversity. We don’t have black teachers. I believe this is a time that we need to not just look at it, we need to start making those changes because it’s important to the black children in this community,” Destiny Holiday with Birthing of a Diamond said.

Last year Holiday’s non-profit organized Moorhead’s first Juneteenth celebration.

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