LIVE: 30 Looks Good on You: The Anniversary of the ADA

A milestone weekend under our belts leaves the Americans with Disabilities Act with much more to look forward to.

Hard to believe, but only thirty years ago this Sunday, America’s biggest minority group had very little in the way of protection when it came to being discriminated against.

We’re talking about people with disabilities.

Not the minority you expected to hear about, right?

Even today, people with disabilities are often seen as a sort of invisible minority.

But a lot has changed since the passage of the Americans with Disability Act, including that there are more resources than ever before for people in our region to get help with questions and problems.

Emily Shuman, Deputy Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA, of which North Dakota is a part, Zoomed in live to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the past and the future of the ADA, the hot-button issue of how to handle mask requirements for both individuals and businesses, what to do if you think you have an ADA problem, and more.


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