LIVE: Lunch Aid

They pulled it off once. Now they need your help to meet an even greater need.

The pandemic is raising hunger levels here at home to worrying new heights.

And it’s not as if hunger was an unknown problem before Covid-19 came to be our community.

After some families in the Fargo school system found they couldn’t make ends meet and still pay their school lunch debt for the 2018-19 school year, Lunch Aid stepped in.

They raised $20,000 to help pay the debt — but now, another organization that feeds families locally is running out of money.

Heart-n-Soul Community Lunch program is feeding everyone from seniors to kids since the pandemic struck.

500 bagged lunches go out every day for folks in need throughout our community.

But their grant money runs out at the end of August.

So Jason Boynton and the Lunch Aid program are trying to save it.

He Zoomed in live to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about the big 4-night online musical fundraising event set for late August, about how much they need to raise to keep the program going through the end of December, and about why the need for hunger relief in the Red River Valley may be more critical now than ever before.

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