Social Distancing: Hidden Gem In North Fargo

The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society Is In Full Bloom


I’ve been trying to do local exploring to break up things a little while life slows down due to the pandemic. I revisited one of my favorite hidden gems yesterday afternoon, and it’s more beautiful than I even remembered.

My girlfriend and I had a lovely time strolling through the stunning gardens at the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society in North Fargo. It’s tucked away behind Yunker Farm and Homeward Animal Shelter.
It’s definitely a hidden gem. We were the only people there who weren’t with the society or the shelter.
And man, if you want some beauty in your life, they have all sorts of stuff. Stunning flowers of every color, size and shape, with hundreds of butterflies dancing around the rainbow of natural beauty. I could have watched them for an hour.
Plus they’ve got their alphabet garden in full bloom, and a new edible forest that’s coming in. I didn’t realized how geeked out I’d be to see a strawberry patch.
Plus, I learned something about myself.


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I didn’t know I had a needle plant. But I discovered it yesterday. Adam’s Needle. Has a nice ring to it. It was actually in the “Y” plot at the alphabet garden because of its official name, Yucca filamentosa. I’m not good at plants but I impressed my girlfriend when I knew it was a yucca right away. They’re actually fairly common in the areas I used to go camping as a kid. Now I know some of them share my name.

Hidden gems! The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society is definitely a gem if you haven’t been there. Share your local gems with us.
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