Fargo Film Festival goes virtual

The festival takes place from August 26th-30th. All films can be screened online.

FARGO, N.D. — The 20th annual Fargo Film Festival has gone virtual.

It will take place from August 26th until August 30th.

You can buy an all movie pass for $80 that will give you access to the 44 short and three feature films in the lineup. You can also purchase a $15 session pass. Sessions are either a block of short films or a feature.

The films will be screened on the Eventive App, which will require you to create an account.

“You need this information to sign in on your device to watch films. If you have an Apple TV or Roku streaming device, you can download the Eventive TV app to watch festival films on your TV at home,” said Fargo Theater Development and Engagement Manager, Sean Volk. “You must unlock content on a computer or mobile device before you can stream on the app. ”

You will also be able to stream the films on your computer or mobile device or use Chromecast or Airplay.

You can purchase your tickets online by clicking here.

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