Amended Quarantine Order Now Rescinded In North Dakota

Covid 19

BISMARCK, N.D. — An order amended by interim State Health Officer Dr. Paul Mariani on Wednesday for quarantining of close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases is being rescinded.

The rescinded order had expanded an existing quarantine order for household contacts to apply to all close contacts.

Previously the order referred only to household contacts.

Department of Health clarified that the intent of the order was to align with CDC guidelines, emphasize the urgent need for those exposed to positive individuals to avoid potentially spreading the disease to others, and encourage local officials to work together on the best strategies to combat COVID-19.

“This pandemic remains a threat,” said Dr. Mariani.

“Nationally, 2.9% of reported COVID-19 cases have resulted in death. While that percentage is just over 1% in North Dakota thanks to strong coronavirus response efforts at the state and local levels, cases continue to rise and our state is on track for a record number of deaths of individuals with COVID-19 in September.”

“While this order is being rescinded, we continue to stress the importance of quarantining and isolation to bend the curve back in the right direction in North Dakota. Whenever possible, all close contacts of individuals infected with COVID-19 should avoid contact with others for 14 days past the last day they were in contact with the person who tested positive.”


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