NDSU’s Dr. Paul Carson: COVID Controversies and Misinformation

The NDSU professor hosted a Zoom conference to tackle everything from masks to herd immunity

FARGO, N.D. — An NDSU professor says masks work and says he would like to see city and county boards take up the question of a mandate.

In an online discussion, Dr. Paul Carson talked about the controversies and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus.

Dr. Carson hit on multiple topics, including mortality rates, viral videos from doctors, vaccine testing and masks.

He says that both Texas and Florida saw cases come down after mandates were put in place, whether it was on a state or local level.

But he adds that a lot of factors played into the decrease.

Dr. Carson says, “Early bar closures, limiting gathering sizes, reduced capacity in restaurants or in outdoor dining only, those were a variety of different things done. The outbreak did seem to come down and settle down.”

Dr. Carson also showed the math on what he calls a worst case scenario for deaths from COVID.

He says we could see 1.1 million to 2 million deaths.

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