Light the Night: Honoring Fallen Firefighters as a Community

There are the dangers you know about. And then there are the ones you probably don't.

Firefighters sometimes have to risk everything to keep their communities safe.

But you may not be aware that it’s not just fires that can be a deadly risk for these American heroes.

This week, you can show your support for the firefighters who’ve given everything to save their communities.

The West Fargo Fire Department is inviting you to join the nationwide Light the Night observance.

Through Sunday, you’ll see area fire stations lit up with red lights.

It’s to recognize the firefighters fallen in the line of duty, including a 14-year veteran killed in the West Coast wildfires that are still raging and still have some of the metro’s firefighters deployed there.

And fires are only part of the risk they’re running.

It’s an extra-dangerous time for fire crews, as the coronavirus pandemic puts them at additional risk when they respond to calls, especially medical calls.

West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller Zoomed in with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about the other, hidden dangers on the job for his crews, how they’re taking extra steps to stay safe, and how you can help honor the ones who didn’t make it home.

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