LIVE: Make Yourself Count(ed) at the 2020 Census and Native Vote Initiative

A five-minute time investment that could pay off big.

The 2020 Census is one of our last chances to make sure programs we rely on in North Dakota and Minnesota get enough funding.

Everything from roads to schools gets money from the federal government to help keep them running.

So if our numbers are under-counted, we all wind up losing out in the long run.

And it might surprise you just how much your own census response translates to in dollars and cents for the region.

Some of our people most likely to be undercounted? Native people and other minorities.

That’s why tonight, everyone’s invited to a special celebration of the 2020 Census and Native Vote initiative.

Get a frybread taco or hot dog, enter to win gift cards, participate in an interactive art project — and get yourself registered to vote.

Just like the party, the census is for everyone — but not everyone it taking advantage of it.

The Indigenous Association’s Chalsey Snyder Zoomed in live to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about why native peoples and other groups have found it so tough to get counted, why this year’s been especially hard on all of us, and what we stand to lose out on when we’re not standing up to be counted.

Visit them on Facebook or at or email for more information.

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