LIVE: Body Mind Spirit Expo

When the world's out of whack, you can find balance on the inside, instead.

In the cascade of catastrophes that remains 2020, it seems like every new event we tell you about is an additional stressor.

The pandemic. The economy. The elections. Justin Bieber Crocs.

It’s all leading to reports that our rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are rising as fast as our Covid-19 rates are.

But this weekend, there’s a new event in town that aims to teach you coping tools to make you feel better about your place in the world.

It’s the Body Mind Spirit Expo, and it’s coming to Fargo.

The expo offers sessions, connections and more resources on everything from mental health coaching and meditation to astrology and dream recall.

Director Megan Mitchel Zoomed in live from Southern Oregon to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about how to attend the Fargo session of the national expo safely this weekend, and what works for her in staying centered and healthy in the midst of stress.

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