Social Distancing: Apple Picking

Pick your favorite technique and tell us about it.

It suddenly seemed like winter set in all across the region when most of us stepped foot outside this morning.

Fortunately — my family got a little more fall fun in recently, social distancing style.

We spent the weekend apple picking at my father-in-law’s.

He has a tree that gives some of the tastiest pie apples I’ve ever had.

They’re not too sweet and very crispy.

The tree is a quite a number of years old, and I’m not sure what apple variety they are.

We’ve always heard it’s best to let the first frost touch them before you pick them, so they come off the tree more easily.

We had a frosty night back in September.

But for some reason, getting the apples off the tree wasn’t as easy as you’d think.

This led to a bit of a mishap with the ladder, so for any neighbors who heard my screaming (and other noises), my apologies.

We still haven’t managed to get the remaining apples off the upper branches yet.

What’s your best technique for picking apples in fall?

What kind of local apples do you like best for pies?

For that matter, what’s your go-to apple recipe for fall?

After all, it’s finally cold enough to enjoy turning the oven on.

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