LIVE: New Book Tells Story Of Fire That Destroyed Downtown Fargo

Downtown Fargo Burned Down In June Of 1893


A new book tells the story of one of the most devastating days in Fargo’s history.

More than 30 blocks burned in a matter of hours on June 7th, 1893. All of downtown Fargo was destroyed.
The fire started on Front Street, now known as Main Avenue, and spread up Broadway
The Fargo Fire of 1893 chronicles the widespread devastation, what led to it, and how the city quickly recovered.
It also shares stories from many of the people who lived in the city at the time.
Author Danielle Teigen says the fire did more than just destroy the city’s business community.
It left thousands homeless in a city, more than a third of the city’s population at the time.

She says people, “were practicing in the first level, in the main level of their business and they were also living in the above, in the second floor residence. They not only lost their business in the fire, they also lost their home so that’s how 2,000 people ended up homeless.”

The book is available online at at Zandbroz in downtown Fargo. Click here to order a copy.

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