Mobile home in North Fargo destroyed by fire, Neighbor Alerts Others

The fire is still under invesigation.

FARGO, N.D.- The Fargo Fire Department is investigating a mobile home fire in North Fargo overnight.

“I live down the street and at an angle, so I just saw giant pillars coming out,” says Dylan Lepard who lives nearby of where the fire happened.

Dylan Lepard was tucking his son into bed when he heard multiple sirens go off.

“He looked out the window and saw that from way over there. All we’ve seen was a giant pillar of black smoke,” Lepard says.

Lepard went outside to get a better look when he heard a terrifying sound.

“I heard a kid scream actually and you know, my first thought being a father is you know, somebody’s house is burning somebody could be in there and I immediately just started sprinting,” Lepard says.

All of this while capturing the images on his phone.

“It was just kind of shocking to see at first and the flames were all going that way and I immediately thought of surrounding people, so I started from over there and I just started rolling giant balls like you would with a snowman. And I just carried it to the fire,” Lepard says.

He continued for about ten minutes until firefighters told him to get out of the danger zone.

Lepard then realized the flames were approaching nearby homes.

“I started pounding on their door, ringing their doorbell and I said “hey I was just checking to make sure you guys are alright cause there’s a huge fire and it’s approaching you guys’ backyard,” heĀ  says.

He says he would do it again in a heartbeat.

“Nobody should have to go through a traumatic event like that on their own so, if I’m able body and you know, can do what I can do, I’m definitely going to step up to the plate,” Lepard adds.

Another neighbor who lived nearby watched it all happen from a distance, he says he didn’t know the owners, but feels bad for what they had to go through.

“No home. You know, where to live, the vehicle they didn’t even get their vehicle out of there,” says Mike Rachow who lives near where the fire took place.

It took firefighters 15 minutes to get the fire under control. There was no one inside the mobile home.

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