LIVE: Pay it Forward Program

Keep moving forward through the uncertainty -- and help someone else get through it too.

It’s been a stressful year.

But a program at the YMCA of Cass Clay that’s here to ease financial and mental strain on local families is here to help.

The “Pay it Forward” program at the YMCA allows you to nominate someone you know for a fully sponsored membership.

It can go to families struggling under financial hardship, dealing with a family member’s medical issues, or just having a rough time as we head into the winter holiday season.

The program allows them to get access to programs like yoga, swimming, even science.

YMCA workers say easing mental and emotional stress is just as important as getting physically active — and that both go hand in hand.

Member coordinator Shane Olmschied of the YMCA of Cass Clay Zoomed in live on the Morning Show to talk with us about why programs like these can do a lot to keep you both mentally and physically fit, especially as we head into the first winter under pandemic conditions.


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