LIVE: Minnesota Secretary Of State Calls State’s Election “A Model For The Nation”

Secretary Of State Steve Simon Joins KVRR Morning Show


Amid national controversy and unfounded claims of election fraud, Minnesota’s Secretary of State calls his state’s election process “a model for the nation”.

Steve Simon joined KVRR’s morning show Monday. He says just a hair under 80 percent of eligible voters cast ballots this month, the highest voter turnout in the country.
He credits elections workers in each of Minnesota’s 87 counties for a smooth voting experience. Simon says Minnesota didn’t have election judge shortages like other states. He also says polling places were safe with available P-P-E, and there were no violent confrontations at polling sites.
And even though some people, like President Trump, are trying to to claim the presidential election wasn’t fair, Simon says you can count on Minnesota’s results to be accurate.

He adds, “You can take these results to the bank. Minnesota has a really decentralized system, so our office for example, we don’t touch a single ballot. We don’t count them. We don’t do anything with them. It happens a very decentralized way at counties and cities across Minnesota. And they do a fantastic job with a lot of integrity.”

In the interview above, hear his thoughts on court challenges to election results happening in states around the country.



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