Social Distancing: Still Trying To Sum Up 2020

At Least Two Dictionaries Declare "Pandemic" Word Of The Year


Remember last week when the Oxford English Dictionary declared it could not come up with a single word of the year to describe 2020? There was just too much stuff happening this year to sum it up in one word.
I asked you guys to come up with your word of the year. We got suggestions of “frustrating”, “apocalypse”, and one person even came up with her own brand new word to describe the year, “Castropoliptic”. I love that.

But as we approach the end of 2020, two dictionary companies are revealing their pick for word of the year.
Both Merriam-Webster and declaring “pandemic” the official word of 2020.
They say search terms involving the word “pandemic” increased by more than one-thousand percent throughout the year. adds “pandemic” was in the top ten percent of all searched words for half of the year.
Other popular search words and phrases include “aerosols,” “contact tracing,” “social distancing” and “herd immunity.”
The word “pandemic” stems from latin and greek origins – with “pan” meaning “for all” – and “demos” meaning “people”.

How would you describe 2020 in one word? I don’t have a good idea yet. Bonus points if we can actually use that word on TV without getting fined by the FCC. You know what I mean. Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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