LIVE: Heidi for United States Secretary of Agriculture

The region's biggest food bank is pushing to get the former U.S. Senator from North Dakota into the President-elect's cabinet.

Former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp is on the short list to be President-elect Joe Biden’s chief on all things agriculture in the new administration.

And this morning, our region’s biggest food bank is hoping to help get her into the top spot — with your help.

The Great Plains Food Bank says the former U-S senator did a lot to put a national spotlight on North Dakota during her time in office.

They gave her their biggest honor after her work on behalf of rural people in the region, back in 2018.

Now, they say, their petition to ask President-elect Joe Biden to nominate her the nation’s new Secretary of Agriculture is gaining ground.

The Great Plains Food Bank’s Melissa Sobolik joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about what they think Heitkamp can do for the region if she becomes part of the new administration, and why the pandemic is creating a bigger hunger problem in the rural parts of our region than you might think.

If you’re interested in learning more, or in signing the petition, check out the links below:

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