Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd reflects on 2020, looks ahead to 2021

“I’m very optimistic," he says

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Leaders across the FM metro have been faced with extraordinary challenges this year.

Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd says he will remember 2020 as a year filled with resilience.

“I’m a person that likes to see the light and the positivity in spite of the challenges, so that’s what I think I’m going to look back at 2020 and say that that’s the one thing I’ll best remember out of the whole thing,” he explains.

The challenges this year were plenty, but Judd says protecting the welfare of those in Moorhead through the pandemic tops the list.

“People are hurting. Businesses are hurting. Families are hurting,” he adds. “There’s a lot of uncertainty, and making sure that we’re doing what we can, specifically what I could, to bring resources to make sure that people felt safe and secure.”

Although the pandemic is on everyone’s minds, Judd says he also wants to make sure everyone who wants to can be involved with conversations regarding race and equity.

Adjusting policies and outreach to get more diverse city leaders, police officers, and firefighters are all part of the conversation.

“Folks have really stepped up in that regard,” he says. “We’re having the conversation. Communities are coming together in a civil manner, showing grace where we’re listening and I would hope still, that folks feel like they’re being heard.”

He also says he’s proud of the growth Moorhead has and will continue to experience with the Legislature’s passing of the bonding bill that funds the 11th Street underpass.

Looking ahead to 2021, Judd says his top priorities will include economic recovery, flood protection, infrastructure expansion and providing more amenities like a community center to the people of Moorhead.

“I’m very optimistic,” he says. “Obviously, we have a vaccine that’s coming. I think, again, the business development that has taken place in our city is a good sign.”

Judd is one of three candidates being considered to fill a judge vacancy in Minnesota’s Seventh Judicial District, but has refused to comment on the recommendation.

On KVRR Local News at 9 on Wednesday, hear Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney’s thoughts on moving forward in the new year.

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