Cramer, Hoeven have no plans to object to Electoral College results

Sens. Kevin Cramer & John Hoeven

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – North Dakota’s U.S. senators say they do not plan to object to the Electoral College results when the Senate meets Wednesday to certify the presidential election.

“I will not object to the Electoral College votes when they are counted…unless overwhelmingly persuasive evidence is presented before the Senate when we debate the objections, I will not vote to reject the results” Sen. Kevin Cramer said.

Republican Sen. John Hoeven issued a similar statement.

“Under the Constitution, states are responsible for our elections, and the people, through the Electoral College, elect the President. The people of North Dakota do not want Congress to determine their vote, and we should not set the precedent by doing it for other states.”

Both senators support establishing a congressional committee to investigate voter fraud allegations during the election.

“I support establishing a committee to examine the election and will work with other members of Congress on both oversight hearings and to make necessary reforms” Hoeven said.

“These practices and the subsequent lack of transparency in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia have raised reasonable questions about the elections process which need to be addressed, regardless of whether or not it is enough to change the outcome of the presidential election” Cramer said.

Wednesday’s meeting is the final step in reaffirming Biden’s win, after the Electoral College officially elected him in December. The meeting is required by the Constitution.

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