LIVE: Gearing Up for Giving Hearts Day

The need may never have been greater.

The folks at the region’s many nonprofits are hoping our hearts are a little bit bigger than usual this year.

Because while Giving Hearts Day is typically one of our top times for charitable giving in the region, it’s also happening this time around after nearly an entire year’s worth of recession.

That’s hitting the region’s nonprofits hard.

So, because your pocketbook may be among the many in the Red River Valley that are thinner this year, there are new ways to give.

For the first time, the folks at the Dakota Medical Foundation are offering us a way for would-be donors to give our time, instead of our money.

And there are almost 500 hundred nonprofits included in this year’s list of eligible organizations, and just as many interests.

Whether you want to get involved in an animal rescues, to an adaptive sports group, to a team that helps makes children’s lives better, there’s something for everyone.

Dakota Medical Foundation’s Amber DeKrey Zoomed in live with the Morning Show to talk with us about all the great opportunities there are to make a difference this week for Giving Hearts Day, and about some of the fun and fabulous sweepstakes prizes up for grabs — also a first for Giving Hearts Day this year!

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