LIVE: YWCA Sees Spike in Kid Clients

The silent crisis brewing beneath the pandemic is emerging this winter.


The eerie slowdown at one of the region’s biggest women’s and children’s shelters appears to be over.

The YWCA of Cass and Clay Counties serves mostly women and children escaping domestic violence.

At first, during the pandemic, shelter workers noticed clients calling more, but not showing up for their appointments to get help and a new safe place to stay.

They attribute that to the increased danger to domestic violence victims during times of increased stress on their abuser.

Today, shelter workers here in Fargo are reporting a significant increase in the number of children they have staying with them.

They’re up to 37 as of Thursday morning, children ranging in age all the way from high schoolers down to a 2-week-old newborn.

Shelter Services Director Angela Daly says their biggest donation need is for backpacks for the middle and high schoolers.

That, and the things that go with them, like pens, notebooks, markers — everything they need to keep up with their schoolwork that had to be left behind when they fled their homes for safety with the YWCA.

“You know, kids are resilient,” Daly said. But it’s not just been hard on the children leaving behind the possessions they love.

It’s also tough trying to make new friends for the kids, who are required to socially distance at the shelter because of the risk of covid-19.

That makes hugs harder to come by for the children, Daly said.

For more on the situation at the YWCA, check out her live Zoom interview on the Morning Show.

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