LIVE: FM Area Houseplants

Feed me, Seymour.

It’s a trend that started growing in earnest when the pandemic hit.

Now, houseplant aficionados are propagating their obsession with a new Facebook group that’s really blossoming.

The group “FM Area Houseplants” got started about a year ago.

These days, page administrators say they’re adding about a hundred new members a week.

There, you can get the scoop on where to find rare and in-demand plant types in the metro.

They scope out sales, pinpoint good prices on pots and other supplies, and even offer to let you join in on bulk buys options online.

Some members even swap plants, and share cuttings and troubleshooting tips.

Members say it’s a great resource, since our dry, heated air in wintertime in our region can do a number on your houseplants.

Abbie Benneford, a page administrator for FM Area Houseplants, who estimates she’s up to about 200 plants and counting so far, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live via Zoom.

They talked about what it’s been like to see your personal obsessions start to bear fruit and lead to new friendships, and how you can get involved in the group.

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