Fargo rally honors missing and murdered Indigenous people

People came to grieve and shine light on their lost loved ones

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Community members come together in Fargo to honor missing and murdered Indigenous people.

“This is an everybody issue and we need all of us to keep talking about it keep fighting for it and making sure that there is justice for all,” said one speaker.

Indigenous relatives gathered in solidarity to heal their hearts — mourning their missing and murdered loved ones.

“We hope that someday we won’t have to continue to gather regarding this epidemic our love ones are always in our hearts but we work and we fight to prevent future tragedies from happening,” Dem-NPL State Rep. Ruth Buffalo of Fargo said. 

Many held signs and wore red to bring awareness to what is happening to their people.

“I’m tired of hearing justice for all but it only for those who really count. I guess I don’t know.” Tanya Red Road said.

“Those closest to the pain should be closest to the microphone,” Buffalo said.

People spoke about the personal experiences of losing loved ones to murder and not receiving closure for their deaths.

“The journey in this round is something very hard to describe. My brother was my go to when I was struggling with PTSD,” Brandi King said. 

“Indigenous women we are targets people think they can come after us with any form of violence,” Ruth mentioned.

Some came to grieve as they also wanted to celebrate their loved ones lives and to prevent this any more lives to be lost.

“Lets protect each other lets uplift each other lets amplify the voices of the victims families,” Buffalo said.

“Just keep praying for the families,”  King said.

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