LIVE: Moorhead Farmer’s Market

Get fresh with us. Come on, everyone else is doing it.

If you’ve spent the past pandemic year-plus sitting on the couch chewing on processed foods, there’s some good news this morning:
there’s a new chance to get out today to get some goodies that will leave you feeling good, too.

Tuesday marks the return of the Moorhead Farmer’s Market.

It’s not just a great place to buy fresh, locally produced fruits and veggies, meats and salsa and all kinds of other products.

This year, there’s also a special offer through their “Power of Produce” club.

Kids and seniors can get extra tokens through the program they can use to spend on buying produce.

Moorhead Parks and Recreation’s Trevor Magnusson returned to the show to Zoom in live with Emily Welker to talk about the return of the market without pandemic restrictions in place, which products you’ll see this week in the very first offerings of the early season in Minnesota, and what it’s like to get geared up for a summer that looks very much like it used to in Moorhead’s parks.

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