Organizations connect with LGBTQ+ communities in ND & MN amid Pride Month

MINNESOTA & NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) — Music has a way of bringing people together. That’s part of the reason the ACLU of North Dakota has launched a Pride Month playlist.

“We polled our audiences online to see what songs resonate with them during this month,” said ACLU of North Dakota Digital Media Associate Adam Jorgenson.

The result is a locally curated list of songs from LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit artists and allies from different eras and genres.

“They’re kind of upbeat songs to get people in the mood to exercise their civic duties,” Jorgenson explained.

He says it’s a reminder for North Dakotans to make their voices heard.

“People don’t want to see these bills, they don’t want to see them become law and be at risk of litigation.”

Jorgenson is referring to measures like the transgender athlete bill passed by the North Dakota Legislature and vetoed by Gov. Doug Burgum.

MSUM Coordinator of Gender and Sexuality Dana Bisignani says they heavily impact students and staff.

“We have members of our Dragon community on both sides of the river and our students are very much impacted by that. I mean, imagine having your human rights argued about in a public setting,” she said.

Bisignani says LGBTQ+ youth continue to suffer from high rates of bullying and suicidal thoughts.

Much like the ACLU’s Pride Month playlist, MSUM’s Rainbow Dragon Center serves as a way to bring people together.

Those at MSUM say they want the center to serve as a safe space and a place where communities can be built.

Moving forward, Bisignani says the focus is pushing back on discriminatory legislation and focusing on education around LBGTQ+ issues and identities.

For movie lovers, the North Dakota Film Society has curated a list of LGBTQ+ film titles.

You can find the list here.

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo is hosting a transgender and non-binary and education discussion training on June 26th.

It is free and open to the public.

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