LIVE: Baby Red Panda Progress

They're tiny, but tough -- and they're the future of an endangered species.

After an eight-year-long break, the folks at the Red River Zoo are doing it all over again: the sleepless nights, the worry, the fussing over how much is eaten and how much weight is gained, the long hours spent staring at the little ones asleep.

There is a bumper crop of brand-new red panda babies born through the zoo’s world-famous red panda breeding program, and each of them holds another critical component to the long-term survival of the endangered red panda species.

The three new babies — one single, two twins — are born to first-time mothers.

One appears to be the smallest red panda baby born on record, at least as far as zoo director Sally Jacobson can tell.

And while all three babies are small and vulnerable, the zoo isn’t taking any chances on face to face visitors — not least of which because red pandas are susceptible to Covid-19.

So instead, we visited with Jacobson and Bo, the new red panda dad, as well as Luna the opossum and L’il Bee the African pygmy hedgehog, about the work going on at the zoo to keep non-human and human visitors safe and healthy, the work they’re doing to raise the new babies, and the things you can see if you stop by the zoo to say hi.



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